Care Connect Network

Welcome to the Care Connect Network the All About Kids online back-up care booking system. All About Kids families and others in the community can now see short-term availability and reserve extra days of care at various centres when they login here.

Immediate Need

Registered members can use our secure booking system to find and reserve single day emergency care (up to a week in advance).

Planning Ahead

You've got some time. Registered members can review our centres and submit an availability request to check required dates and locations.

Back-up care has many advantages for families who require last minute emergency care. For those who are not familiar with how back-up care works, we are more than happy to explain this convenient option to you or anyone you may feel would benefit from this type of childcare service.

Please contact us at 416-333-2396 for assistance.

Priority Membership
Child Care Providers

Main Office: 416-977-0555 Back-up Care Support: 416-333-2396

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